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I am a father of 2, husband of an amazing wife, an adventurer, entrepreneur, and a God fearing man. I have an obsession with travel, and a desire to photograph every bit of this planet. 

I found my love of photography when I was 15 any my parents brought home their first digital camera. Something about capturing a fleeting moment, a point in time that may never be seen again, really captured my interest. And ever since then I just can't put my camera down. I fell in love with wedding photography because of the pure emotion that happens at every single wedding. It is so humbling the amount of love that is in the world and that couples allow me to be a part of their amazing day.

I am a story teller with my images. Documenting the day in its entirety without interfering. Capturing the beauty, the emotion, the wild spontenuity. A story that you will remember for the rest of your life, in exactly the same way that it actually happened. My favorite part of the day is spending time with just the two of you. Focusing on photography that truly captures the intimate love between a newly wed husband and wife. While the fire is still burning brightly.

I would love to sit down with you over coffee and learn about your special day. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have questions, or would like to set an appointment for a consultation.  I wish you the best in your wedding planning, and look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Jonathon Brust Photography - Wedding Photographer in Chicago

Jonathon Brust - Chicago Wedding Photographer



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