Jordan and Ethan’s incredible love story at the Klehm Arboretum in Rockford IL

A little over a year ago, Ethan, a friend of mine from high school, had gotten an infection which resulted in him being rushed to the hospital in a comatose state. Ultimately this infection lead to a quadruple amputation. I, and many of my friends and family, followed his story as Ethan and his girlfriend fought towards his recovery every day. Soon we started seeing improvements. Soon he was able to nod his head, then talk, then sit and interact with others.   While still in the hospital working through his recovery, Ethan asked his girlfriend Jordan to marry him. She said yes. After a few more months in the hospital, Ethan was fitted for prosthetic legs and arms, and eventually was released from the hospital. He defied the odds the doctors told him, and wen’t on to be Jordan’s knight in shining armor on their wedding day.   I am overwhelmed that I had the opportunity to capture just a small portion of this love story. A story about how two people defied a nearly life threatening situation, and proved that love is boundless, limitless, and is worth fighting for. I got to share their wedding day and listen […]

Amber and Bronson Engagement Photography at the Pavillion in Rockton IL – TEASER!

A beautiful warm day, gorgeous location in Rockton IL at the Pavillion, and a beautiful family! Amber and Bronson were so much fun during their engagement photography session! Keep an eye out for more!    

Sam, Tim, and Faye Family Photography in Burlington IL

What a fun family to photograph! In the beautiful prairie of Burlington IL, we had a blast with probably the happiest baby on the face of the earth!  

Stephanie and Charlie Engagement Photography – Russell Woods, Genoa IL

A little hike through Russell woods in Genoa IL with some engagement photography along the way  

Sam, Tim, and Faye Family Photography in Burlington IL TEASER!

What a fun family to photograph! At the Burlington Prairie Forest Preserve, we had a ton of fun and Faye was incredibly smiley! Couldn’t ask for a more well-behaved little girl. Stay tuned for more!

Stephanie and Charlie Engagement Photography Teaser! Russell Woods in Genoa IL

Their engagement session was so awesome! It was a bit windy at points but Stephanie and Charlie were champs about it. Photographing in Russell Woods and downtown Genoa IL was a blast! More to come!  

Travis and Ellie Shaffer Wedding Photography near Holland Michigan

What an amazing wedding! Normally the weddings I photograph are near Rockford IL or Chicago IL, but I was lucky enough to follow Travis and Ellie to their destination wedding near Holland Michigan. This beach town was a very sentimental location, as it was where Travis proposed a years prior. Going back to where it all began was such an awesome way to kick off the next incredible part of their lives. Travis, a concert set designer, and Ellie, a school teacher/professional cheerleader are truly a perfect match. Both of them had such high energy the entire ceremony and reception, it made the entire day stress free. Starting off getting ready at a local bed and breakfast in downtown, the ladies made sure to celebrate to a toast for what is to come. As we made the short drive to their in-the-woods chapel where they attended church all those years ago, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the beautiful surroundings. I knew their entire day was going to be spectacular. After the ceremony we made sure to walk down the short path to the beach where the weather couldn’t be more perfect. It was hard to believe that this tropical […]

TOW Band Photography in Genoa IL

Last week I had the privilege to photograph TOW – Crosswind Church’s Christian band. What an awesome experience!! They did not stop making jokes at each other (and me every now and again) the entire time which made it both hilarious, and challenging to photograph! Band photography is such a unique experience. To tell a story of an entire group of people, and what their band is all about, in one photograph is really challenging. I wish I could have spent more time with them, but they had to get to a show that evening. TOW is opening for Sanctus Real on Saturday November 22nd starting in the afternoon at Crosswind Community Church. The concert is going to be amazing. If you are free Saturday you HAVE to come. TOW members include Matt Krueger, Tim Logsdon, Brian Gumino,  Michelle Cooper,  Jay Cooper, Keith Cooper. Their band information website can be found here at Their Sanctus Real information and tickets can be found here: Sanctus Real Tickets This band photography was performed at Crosswind Community Church in Genoa IL. Below are a couple images from the band photography session I lead last week. Please let me know what you think of […]

Shawnee Senior Photography in Hampshire IL

What a fun person to photograph! I got to shoot Shawnee’s senior photos at her grandparents farm in Hampshire, IL. Shawnee did such an awesome job during our senior photo session and was a complete natural at posting! Shawnee made it easy for me to capture several sides of her – the elegant side, the country side, and the fun-loving-laugh-a-lot-because-I-keep-telling-her-she-is-a-natural-at-posing side. Shawnee’s senior photo session was at her grandparents farm in Hampshire IL. This was a gorgeous property full of tons of different backgrounds to shoot against – selling firewood is their main source of income and I can honestly say I have never seen a larger pile of wood! It had to have been 50 feet tall! She wanted to make sure a bit of her country side showed, but not to overdo it. We made sure to get photos in front of her grandparents barn doors, and next to the old tractor out front. Around the magic hour (1 hour before sunset) we made sure to go out in the grassy field and take photos in the amazing light. Shawnee was great and was a total natural at posing. Below are a couple shots from her senior photo […]